About Stephen Hyde

Welcome. I’m Steve Hyde and I am Stroudwater Associate’s practice leader for Value-Based Health Care. Describing what we do is simple: We help hospitals and medical groups survive health reform by getting paid for patient value. Our clients are medical providers that (1) have already committed to providing measurably high-quality, lower cost medical care, and (2) want to be well paid for it. They realize they must wean themselves from fee-for-service payment systems which reward them for volume—regardless of quality or total cost—but punish them for value.

The purpose of this website is to help medical providers sort out some of the key—but often obscure—issues they must address to do this. Please let me know what you think.

What qualifies me to do what I do? For starters, I’ve spent four decades running, studying, advising, and even regulating many of health care’s institutions. Along the way, I’ve written a couple of books on coping with and fixing our seriously dysfunctional financing and delivery system. I also wrote (in earlier posts of this blog) a critique of many aspects, good and bad, of the Affordable Care Act, including a series on how to fix it.

Perhaps my most relevant experience comes from surviving the last great American health care revolution. No, not Hillary Clinton’s failed attempt in the 1990’s. I’m talking about the HMO/managed-care revolution that was—between 1970 and 2000—supposed to cure America’s unsustainable problems of high-cost health care, mediocre quality, and too few primary care physicians (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). It failed, but it also taught a lot of valuable lessons on how to do it right next time.

I started my career in HMO consulting after getting an MBA from Harvard Business School. That led to my joining both the Ford and Carter administrations as the federal government’s chief HMO financial regulator back when the government was pumping a lot of money into the industry. I later left the government to start and lead one of the earliest and most successful public managed care companies, Peak Health Care. I also became certified as a managed care actuary. After selling Peak Health, I went on to form a series of start-up companies, to advise others, and to serve on a slew of boards, mostly in health care.

I’ve been CEO of a large multi-specialty medical group, a pharmacy benefit management company, a disease management company, and a management consultancy.  I’ve also been board member of more than a few companies and nonprofits, including a community hospital, a physician practice management firm, an adoption agency, a PPO company, and a health insurance company.

My most recent book is Cured! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform (June 2009, HobNob Publishing).  If you’re interested in learning a lot more about how our health care financing and delivery system really works, why it doesn’t, and how we can fix it, I hope you’ll read it. I also wrote Prescription Drugs for Half Price or Less (2006, Bantam-Dell Division of Random House). Anyone who takes (or pays for) prescription drugs can probably save you a lot of money after reading it.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please let me know.