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Marking Real Health Care Reform

“Stephen Hyde’s excellent book Cured! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform offers both a refreshing examination of health care’s perverse economics and an important framework for putting the system into working order. Cured! is not only relevant to today’s reform debate, but will also serve as an important reference document for years to come….”

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Reader Comment:

I thought this book was terrific.  I liked it so much, that I sent a copy to each of the 100 U.S. Senators, and the President.  Hopefully they will think about this free-market based alternative to Health Care Reform — the only hope of bringing down health care costs in the long run.  Great job Steve!

If others want to do likewise, here is the 240-character message I sent with the book (via Amazon) — use it if you want!

Given the failure of planned economies (Soviet Union) versus free market-based economies (United States), please consider the free market-based proposal to health care reform in the attached book–the U.S. could be an example for the world!

From: Ken Morris, Phoenix AZ