House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken the gloves off with her tirades against “immoral” health insurance “villains” and the “un-American” citizen protesters who object to her taking over American health care. By my count (and Gallup’s), that adds up to more than 150 million concerned Americans who Ms. Pelosi says should shut up, sit down, and just pay for her unworkable, unaffordable  “Affordable Health Choices Act”—and for several more ultra-luxury Gulfstream G-5 executive jets, so she can avoid mixing with her benighted constituents in those awkward airport security lines or being crammed into airline seats too narrow for her ample ego.

The Speaker apparently thinks she’s living in an alternate universe from the rest of us. How else to explain her utter tone-deafness to the voice of the majority of Americans who actually like their health insurance while so few of them believe Congress is doing a good job?

Anyone who has read my criticisms of the government’s health reform effort knows I have assiduously avoided speculating on any nefarious intent on the part of its various advocates. I believe most of the people in the administration and on both sides of the congressional aisle are principled folks who are just trying to do the best job they can to deal with a massive problem—however abominably ignorant they may be of even the most elementary principles of how health insurance actually works.

But Speaker Pelosi’s demonizing of the loyal opposition puts her beyond the pale of reason—or of responsible leadership. How can we expect anything from her (or her minions) that will fix health care?

Ok, I feel better. Now back to my usual cold, non-partisan, gimlet-eyed musings on the real problems of health care and how we can fix it.

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  1. felton says:

    You are correct.
    I’m still waiting for my many dear friends who are intelligent, well-read and utterly clueless about health care beyond their nose to get this…
    Still waiting.

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  3. ilene says:

    please correct me if i am wrong, the new proposed government insurance.that is suppose to cover everyone.how does that pertain to the senior in this country? i have heard that a board will make a decision on whether or not the senior will get the operation needed or just drugs until they die.

    If this is true than our government is committing
    murder, no matter how they sugar-coat it.

    I am amazed how the moral issues are never bought to task.

    What has happen to america?

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