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According to President Obama, hordes of helpless American are being “held hostage by health insurance companies that deny them coverage or drop their coverage” when they get sick. That was the central message he took to the road last week in what appears to be an increasingly desperate attempt to save his ponderously unworkable trillion-dollar health reform package. In conjuring up insurers riding roughshod over hordes of Americans, the President also tramples the truth. The fact is that the 91% of all privately insured Americans with employer-based insurance never face denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions (so-called “pre-ex”) or loss of insurance when they get sick (called “rescission”). It’s illegal.

What the President is spending so much political capital castigating is the remaining 9% of the private insurance market—the part that provides essential individual health insurance to people ineligible for employer coverage. Pre-ex and rescission are relevant here because individual insurers must operate differently from employer-based insurers.

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