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As a proponent of market-based health care reform, I’m often accused of believing that free markets will cure what ails our broken health care system and that we just need to get government out of the way to make it all better. I believe no such thing. And I almost never use the term “free markets.” It too often connotes that markets can operate in the absence of government regulation. That’s not how it works.

I understand why so many people believe in “free” markets, because markets themselves are a natural phenomenon arising from fundamental human behavior. Certainly no government ever invented them. Markets just happened, because people want things they lack, and they have found they can get them in return for their own labor and produce. No one really understands why markets work, because they are such indescribably complex, nonlinear, adaptive systems. But somehow they do. They’re messy as hell, but they perform well enough to allow a paraphrase of Churchill’s famous comment on democracy: Market capitalism is the worst form of economic organization—except for all the others that have been tried.

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It’s a typically cool, cloudless July 4th morning in Colorado Springs, so my mind inevitably wanders to…what else but health reform. When, oh when, will we have the market-based health care system we need so that I can move on to addressing simpler problems? Like world peace. But when better than Independence Day to ponder an important question of the day: Is health care a right?

I wish it were. It would be so much simpler if all Americans could exercise their right to medical care as they do their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If health care were on a par with, say, the right to free speech, my right to medical care would not limit your access to the same thing. The supply would be free and limitless. Any question of violation of that right would be dealt with by the courts.

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