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Part 2: The Emergence of Consumer Value

Despite its deep flaws, the new health reform law, ACA, has three aspects that make me optimistic about medical entrepreneurs being able to surmount the law’s barriers to create a consumer-dominated, market-based medical care system that will deliver high-quality, affordable medical care to everyone:

1.    The creation of consumer value
2.    The rise of high-value local health plans
3.    Effective disease prevention

This second of five installments discusses consumer value.

Medical Consumer Value
The word “value” appears more than 200 times in ACA. The law’s architects clearly liked it and felt that the bill should strive to achieve it. Too bad they never bothered to clearly define it. If they had, they could have created a much more direct approach to fixing our dysfunctional medical care system, and without all the counter-functional, top-down bureaucracies that will actually impede it and force medical costs higher than they need to be.

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