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The raging health reform debate on the public option has sucked all the air out of the room on the central question that we should be addressing: How can we fix the insurance market failure that prevents everyone from buying affordable health insurance that covers all medically necessary, otherwise unaffordable care?

The current House and Senate health reform bills try to accomplish something like this by creating an insurance exchange that allows the uninsured to buy coverage (and by expanding Medicaid). But they do nothing to correct the overwhelmingly dominant employer- and government-based programs that constitute the real looming train wreck.

In theory, an exchange or similar mechanism that allows universal insurance access is not just a good idea, but an essential one. But it must be open to everyone, regardless of employment status or eligibility for government coverage. Properly structured, it can be the critical component for achieving an effective, sustainable health insurance and medical care delivery system.  Neither of the shortsighted, overreaching congressional bills will yield this result.

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