How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care: Leading the Transparency Revolution 

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StePHEN S.S. Hyde

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Steve Hyde Knows How To Transform Our Health Care System to Deliver Double the Quality at Half the Cost

Large employers who provide health insurance to 160-million Americans have long had all the tools they need to ensure their employees always get consistently high quality medical care at far lower cost, while simultaneously benefiting government funded programs as well. Three innovations are necessary: (1) Provide powerful consumer incentives & tools along with the financial means to shop for value; (2) Provide medical consumers with full price, quality, and benefit transparency on all medical services, prescription drugs, and health benefits; and (3) Create a new real-time billing & collection system that slashes transaction costs to 1-2% of total spending from today’s massively wasteful 16% (more than a half trillion dollars per year).

Join the revolution of consumer-driven, market-based health care with Steve Hyde to clarify the key—but often complex—issues that must be addressed to make health care truly universal, sustainable, and affordable.

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  • Large-Employer Senior Executives and Organizations ready to take control of their employee health-plan strategies.
  • Hospital, Physician, and Provider Organizations ready to focus on patient value.
  • Government Executive and Legislative Leaders ready to empower their constituents to make informed decisions on medical quality, appropriateness, and price.


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