Health Care Transformation Speaker Steve Hyde

Steve Hyde is a frequent speaker on fixing health care. He appears before private clients, senior executive retreats, consumer groups, employer gatherings, medical societies, hospital associations, and health plan executives. He is consistently highly rated, whether speaking to an audience, conferring with individuals, or leading strategic planning sessions. He is knowledgeable, humorous, and known to think on his feet in dealing with challenging issues and questions. He does his homework. He’s also a nice guy who loves hanging out with nice people. Current keynote, seminar, and speaking topics include:

Should Medical Consumers Control All of the Money? (Yep!)

The First Trillionaire: An Entrepreneurial Prescription for Fixing Employer Health Insurance

Get HR Out of the Health Insurance Business

Sustainable Individual Health Insurance: Fixing the Obamacare Exchanges

The State of Healthcare Reform—Where We Are, Where We’re Headed, and Where We Should Go

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Speaker One-Sheet

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