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Market-Based, Consumer-Driven Health Care

How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care: Leading the Transparency Revolution

New for 2020!
If you are a C-suite executive, health care professional, or medical consumer who wants a health system that works, this book will tell you how to get there with a completely private-sector solution without any government involvement.

The solution described in “How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care” lies in employers giving its employee medical consumers the same economic power that has long allowed American’s consumers to meet their equally essential needs for affordable, high-quality food, housing, automobiles, clothes, entertainment, and recreation: powerful information and control of all the money.

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CURED! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform

This book not only provides a comprehensive, workable legislative solution to our broken health care financing and delivery system, but it will also give you a framework for evaluating any proposed health reform solution. If you’re a history buff, Cured! will give you a concise history of American health care over the past century and a firm perspective for understanding why it’s gone so wrong. If you like delving into economic issues, you may well be fascinated by the revelation of a fundamental market and regulatory failure that has prevented us from all having access to affordable, high-quality health care. No matter where you may be on the political/ideological spectrum, you will discover much that you probably didn’t know before. Even more valuable, you may discover that some of your most fundamental beliefs about health care are wrong. Cured! is an important book that will change the way you think about health care in America.

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Prescription Drugs For Half Price or Less

If you want to save up to 50%, 70%, even 90% on your prescription drug costs, this is the book you need. Stephen S. S. Hyde is the leading authority on low-cost prescription drug benefits, and now he’s offering individual consumers the expertise he provides to America’s employers and health plans. With the simple, cost-saving techniques outlined in this revolutionary book, you can save literally hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your family’s prescription medications. With an appendix of directories, pharmacies, and websites to get you started, this book will pay for itself with your very first prescription! (No longer in print.)

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