By Stephen S. S. Hyde

Cured! is a tour de force that exposes the root causes of the health care crisis and proposes a simple, eminently workable solution that provides for universal insurance, affordable care, better medical quality, effective prevention, and an end to the primary care provider shortage. Steve Hyde writes with the authority of the 40-year veteran health care advisor, regulator, actuary, entrepreneur, CEO, and policy analyst that he is. This is an important book.”

– Harvard Business School Professor Regina Herzlinger, author of Market-Driven Health Care, Consumer-Driven Health Care, and Who Killed Health Care?

This book not only provides a comprehensive, workable solution to our broken health care financing and delivery system, but it will also give you a framework for evaluating any proposed health reform solution. If you’re a history buff, Cured! will give you a concise history of American health care over the past century and a firm perspective for understanding why it’s gone so wrong.

If you like delving into economic issues, you may well be fascinated by the revelation of a fundamental market and regulatory failure that has prevented us from all having access to affordable, high-quality health care. No matter where you may be on the political/ideological spectrum, you will discover much that you probably didn’t know before.

Even more valuable, you may discover that some of your most fundamental beliefs about health care are misinformed. Cured! is an important book that will change the way you think about health care in America.

Why I Wrote This Book:.

I’ve been pondering how to fix the health care system for more than twenty years, yet I kept coming back to the central question: If we can all get high-quality and affordable food, clothing, housing, and transportation from lightly-regulated markets, why can’t we all do the same thing for our equally necessary medical care? After all, they’re all examples of what economists call “economic goods” that are subject to the fundamental rules of supply and demand.

After years of research and thought, I realized that there is a basic market failure at the root of my answer, and that it’s a problem that we can solve by replacing the current plethora of government health care regulations and programs with three basic reforms of health insurance, taxes, and social safety nets. That epiphany came in late 2007 and that’s when I began to write Cured! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform.

Considering my former roles as HMO consultant, chief government HMO financial regulator, and HMO entrepreneur—and my fondness for the “creative destruction” theories of economist Joseph Schumpeter—a more appropriate title might have been How I Destroyed the American Health Care System and How We Must Do it Again. But I wanted a more optimistic title, thus Cured!.

Let me warn you that if you’re an ideologue on either the left or the right and irrevocably favor either a complete government takeover or a complete free-market approach for health care reform, you’re not going to like this book. On the other hand, if you’re a typically open-minded American who’s willing to have some of your most cherished beliefs about health care disrupted, then you should read it. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know.

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