Steve Hyde Health Care Consulting

Steve is available to work with and advise CEOs and their senior executive teams with:

  1. Large employers to create high-performance self-funded employee health plans.
  2. Large ASOs to create market-leading, transparent pricing strategies.
  3. Large medical providers to create competitive, transparent pricing strategies.

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Steve is a Senior Advisor with Stroudwater Associates (, where he previously served as a Principal and its Value-Based Health Care Practice Leader. Stroudwater provides high-level advisory services to its hospital and medical group clients to meet the demands of their most pressing challenges.

Its combined service expertise is highly focused on the mission-critical strategic, operational, and financial areas where its perspective offers the highest value. Stroudwater focuses on these major practice areas:

Transparent Medical Pricing

Provider Revenue Cycle Optimization

Hospital and System Strategic Planning

Facility Planning and Financing Questions

Capital Planning and Access

Strategic Master Facility Planning

Physician-Hospital Alignment Services

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Affiliations

Rural Practice